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AWS Certified Solutions Architect 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
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Issued by Amazon Web Services Training and Certification

Earners of this certification have a comprehensive understanding of AWS services and technologies. They demonstrated the ability to build secure and robust solutions using architectural design principles based on customer requirements. Badge owners are able to strategically design well-architected distributed systems that are scalable, resilient, efficient, and fault-tolerant.


Flexibility and Desire to Learn

Solutions Architects must be able to adapt to shifting priorities. Finding the answer to a business problem means that you must constantly be learning about changing technology and best practices. Cloud computing and technology is a constantly changing field, so a thirst for learning and adaptability to emerging trends is a must for the Cloud Architect.

Time Management

Information technology projects are often time sensitive. Building infrastructure to meet deadlines requires superb time management.

Communication Skills

An AWS Solutions Architect must communicate with end users as well as internal or external stakeholders. Being able to manage the business concerns of the organization while designing and building systems that are user-friendly requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Problem Solving Aptitude

Solution Architects use software and hardware to solve business problems. Designing and building cloud infrastructure and applications requires not only knowledge of technology, but also business acumen.

Teamwork and People Skills

Information technology specialists must be able to collaborate with other in their department and other departments in the organization. Working together as a cohesive unit makes operations run smoother, determining the success of projects.

Analytical Skills

Conducting analysis of the system, and being able to construct solutions to business objectives are invaluable skills. An AWS Solutions Architect must be able to examine the current system of the client, take the project requirements, and design a solution that is scalable and usable.


An efficient Cloud Solutions Architect can present their proposed solutions to stakeholders with confidence, providing clear guidance for their decisions. The applications and infrastructure that Solutions Architects design and build are secure, scalable, cost-effective, and resilient. An AWS Architect communicates effectively and recommends robust solutions that meet project objectives.